Colorful Murals Showcase the Mid-Willamette Valley

Salem Murals Invite Contemplation, Exploration

An up-close experience

What do you hope visitors get from seeing murals up close?

“I hope they have fun! This is an experience for all ages.”

Christine D'Arcy

Silverton Murals Dive Into City’s Rich History

Significant Art

The Importance of Public Art

“It’s important to know how a community got to where it is. Oftentimes, it’s individual stories about people – events they participated in and were a part of – and it’s just important to know that a community didn’t just drop out of the sky.”

Norm English

Murals Honor Woodburn’s Pioneering Past and Thriving Present

Mt. Angel Mural Showcases Oktoberfest Fun and Frolic

History at the Heart of Colorful Mural in Monmouth